Our Mobile Bike Repairs & Servicing

South/S.East/S.West and Central Birmingham area

Mini-MOT ... Full cleandown service ... New bike service ... Old bike wakeup

All available with a pick-up and drop-off service

Using our service means you don't have to book your bike in somewhere, deliver it and then pick it up again later. That's especially inconvenient if its just a simple service that you need. You won't have to mount bikes on car racks or remove front wheels. We often pick up and drop off outside working hours, to suit you. Just call or email - we always reply.

Our "Mini-MOT" service and check - from £40

There are some bike parts that need regular servicing to make sure you can keep cycling. Typically the chain, derailleur gears and brakes.

Quite often, you only need a quick check and to lubricate essentials. At the same time, we can check for faults and wear that will need more attention at some other time.

(The standard service doesn't include any dismantling.)

Quick Servicing ( Assumes your bike is not caked in mud ! ):

  • Clean chain and lubricate
  • Lubricate gear change front and rear mechanisms
  • Check derailleur gears and adjust if necessary
  • Adjust brakes if wearing down
  • Lubricate brake pivots
  • Lubricate brake / gear cables if sticking (extra - requires dismantling)
  • Pump up tyres


  • Headset & handlebar security
  • Wheel bearing wobble / Wheel straightness - spokes intact ?
  • Tyre condition
  • Brake condition, alignment and adjustment
  • Derailleur and gear operation
  • Cranks and pedal operation (wear / security)
  • Front suspension play and seal security
  • Rear suspension play, pivots and seal security
  • Contact point security (bars and saddle)

Full cleandown and servicing of mechanicals - from £50

Inevitably, dirt and dust will stick and build up on the mechanical parts of your bike. Rust also develops causing squeaking or stiffness, particularly in cables and chains.

Regular cleaning and lubrication helps, but at some point performance will be affected and you'll need all the moving parts to be cleaned down fully, otherwise sooner or later there will be a more serious problem with wear or poor functioning.

Full cleaning done properly takes a fair bit of time as dirt gets into all sorts of corners !

This is what we do:

  • Treatment with Bike wash, brush down and wash down with water
  • Degrease components
  • Re-lubricate all components and moving parts where required
  • Lubricate chain, gears, derailleurs, jockey wheels, pivots - renew chain if needed
  • Dismantle cables and lubricate inners
  • Lubricate suspension pivots and seals (dry lube latter)
  • Clean brake blocks or discs / pads as appropriate - renew pads if needed

New Bike servicing - £30, not including parts

On your new bike, nothing should have worn out or need replacing, but quite a few things wear in and need adjusting. This is easily done quickly at your home or office.

We can do a straightforward and quick check, make sure everything is lubricated and secure.

Bikes not used for months - £10 assessment, then we'll quote for servicing

(plus travel time if outside 3 mile radius of Bournville)

If you're planning to get a bike going that has not been used in a while, it will need a good clean up, extensive lubrication and possibly some dismantling to regrease pivots, bearings and so on.

Also such items as brake blocks are best renewed ' they can go quite hard over time.

If the cables have gone rusty inside, then you'll probably need them renewing as well.

Tyres and inner tubes need checking. Inner tubes can get stuck to the rim or tyre if they're not moved for ages; they may well be perished. We would recommend renewing the tubes completely; even if they pump up successfully, you don't want to have them puncturing repeatedly because they are old.

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